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Household Staff

Professional Household Staff

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Register if you are seeking a position in the following roles:


Private Assistant

House Manager

Estate Manager

Domestic Couple



Chef  - Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Senior Chef, Pastry Chef, Sauce Chef

Family Cook

Professional National and International  Pet Sitters

Home Companions who help to assist clients with care, meal, preparation, strolls, scheduling appointments and going on outings

I am excited to welcome you aboard and collaborate with you to discover a suitable position that aligns with your experience, qualifications and exceptional references which hold immense value and have the potential to secure you an incredible new position.

As a valued member of a household staff, you play a vital role in enriching the quality of life within your new employer's home. By doing so, you not only provide the family with the luxury of enjoying more leisure time, but you also guarantee that their residence is impeccably maintained and secure. As a professional domestic employee, you offer invaluable assistance and bring an extra layer of convenience to my clients' everyday lives.

The needs of every family and role will differ. Some households desire household employees who feels comfortable and operates in a relaxed environment, while still maintaining professional boundaries. In contrast, other households, typically estates or high net worth family homes, function like a corporate office, with a clear distinction between the family and the domestic staff. 

Regardless of your position as a household manager, housekeeper, chef or any other role, there are certain skills and qualities that are universally important across different households. When I begin my search for household employee candidates, I prioritize three essential qualities:


1. Reliability: Employers value individuals who can be counted on to fulfil their responsibilities consistently and dependably. Being reliable is crucial in maintaining a smooth and efficient household operation.


2. Proactivity: Employers seek candidates who take initiative and demonstrate a proactive approach to their work. Being proactive means anticipating needs, taking action without being prompted, and actively seeking ways to improve the household environment.


3. Discretion: Confidentiality and discretion are highly valued qualities in household employees. I prioritize candidates who understand the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality within the household, respecting the trust placed in them by the employer.

These three qualities are fundamental in ensuring a positive and successful working relationship between household employees and employers.

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