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Client Information & Registration

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Thank you for showing interest in Good Egg Childcare Consultancy.

I understand that no matter where you reside, be it the tranquil 

green hills of a farm, a vibrant city, a charming countryside, a

quaint seaside town, or an opulent palace, every family deserves

the utmost support. I bring together dedicated household staff,

caregivers and dynamic families.














Please keep in mind that these figures are intended for guidance purposes exclusively and shown in gross. Similar to any industry, a nanny's salary can vary depending on their qualifications, skills, and experience. Good Egg Childcare suggest considering these factors when finalising the salary agreement. 

London: Nannies can expect to earn gross salaries starting at: £16.48 per hour, £824 per week, working up to 10 hours per day.

Home Counties and Greater London: £15.50 per hour, £766 per week.

Rest of UK: £13.84 per hour, £692 per week.

What UK nannies get paid:

What International Nannies get paid:

I am considering employing a nanny.

What steps should I take?

Determine the type of nanny that suits your needs. When embarking on your journey to hire a nanny, it is crucial to determine the specific type of nanny that aligns with your requirements. 

If you are uncertain, I encourage you to refer to our services page where you will find a comprehensive outline of the duties and responsibilities associated with various childcare options. Additionally, I am available to provide assistance and guidance should you still require further clarification.

Countries Good Egg Childcare works with:

UK, USA, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. If you are situated outside of the regions mentioned above, kindly submit a request through the contact page, and I will inform you if I can make arrangements for you.

Employing a private nanny can bring many advantages for families. Let's explore the benefits:


Personalized Attention: Private nannies provide individualized care for your child in the comfort of your own home. This customized approach ensures that your child receives specific care and support for their development.


Convenience: With a private nanny, you can avoid the hassle of daily drop-offs and pickups. They come to your house, making it convenient for working parents.


Flexibility: Nannies can adapt to your family's schedule and needs. If you have irregular working hours, a live-in nanny can offer more flexibility compared to other childcare options.


Consistency: Having a consistent caregiver helps maintain stability for your child. They become familiar with your child's routines, toys, and surroundings, which can make the transition back to work easier.


Strong Relationship: Nannies often become like an extended family member. Your child forms a close bond with them, and even after their employment ends, they may stay in touch.


Cost-Effective for Multiple Children: While hiring a nanny can be expensive, it can be more cost-effective if you have multiple children. Consider sharing a nanny with another family to make it more budget-friendly.


Child's Transition: Having childcare at home allows your child to gradually adjust to your return to work. They feel secure with their toys and familiar routines.

The benefits of hiring private childcare?

Professional International live-in and Travelling Nannies can expect to earn net salaries starting at:


Europe: £800 / €900++ per week, working up to 10 hours per day.

Europe: £1,000 / €1,200++ per week, working up to

12 hours per day.

Worldwide: £1,300++ per week, working up to 12 hours per day.

Similar to any industry, a nanny's salary can vary depending on their qualifications, skills, and experience. Good Egg Childcare suggest considering these factors when finalising the salary agreement. 


How Good Egg Consultancy Works

If you would like to hire a caregiver or household staff please fill out  either the family registration form below, the contact page or give the office a call.

Looking to hire?

To initiate the process, please reach out to Good Egg Consultancy either by email or by registering online.

Once you have done so, I will promptly contact you to discuss your specific requirements. If you find that the consultancy aligns with your recruitment needs, we can proceed further.


You will be required to pay a registration fee depending on what package you choose, this fee will be deducted from the final fee. Complete the registration process, and then we can begin working together.


Transparency is a core value at Good Egg Childcare, which is why I make sure my fees are completely transparent to my clients. I understand the importance of avoiding any unexpected surprises. To discover more about my transparent fee structure, click on the button below.

Client Pre-Registration Form

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