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About The Founder 

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The Founder

Welcome! I am Sharon, the proud owner of Good Egg Childcare Consultancy.


The driving force behind starting my  business was always about doing something I enjoy and making a meaningful impact in a industry I love to work in. 

At Good Egg Childcare Consultancy, I am proud to be a small

business, independent recruiter that truly understands the needs of both my clients, caregivers and household staff. 


I take pride in my discretion when handling personal information and have gone to great lengths to make this possible. I offer a safe, confidential, discreet and bespoke service tailored to my clients, selected caregivers and outstanding household staff.


My specialisation lies in a diverse array of services, encompassing childcare, household staff, property management staff, holiday pet sitting services and personal

in home care services. I am more than delighted to engage in conversations about your unique recruitment needs. Let's connect and explore how I can assist you.

As a business owner, my main goal is to ensure the best results for my clients and candidates. I strive to make their experience exceptional, and as a recruiter, the satisfaction of getting things right is truly amazing.

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